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Class-Based Interactive English Theatre

English Drama Performance Training Programme





Class-Based Interactive English Theatre

Most drama tour is for almost all the students of a school. This reduces the possibility of the students’ participation even though they may enjoy the show. It is difficult to tell whether the students get the message of the performance or not, lessens the effectiveness of the performance itself and the possibility of follow-up.

That is why we have “Class-Based Interactive English Theatre” school tour. Students have more chances to participate in our interactive drama, arousing their creativity and team spirit, and the opportunity to speak English while enjoying the play. Students are more likely to express themselves in a smaller group and familiar environment; in turn increases their confidence in speaking English and their interest in learning it.

Using drama to learn English leads to lots of advantages:

► It makes the lesson and the language memorable.

► It can be both enlivening and calming.

► It can create enthusiasm and motivation.

► It contextualises learning in a supportive environment.

► It provides examples and practice of ‘genuine communication’, e.g. hesitations, interruptions, distractions, misunderstandings and silences.

► It develops group relationships and encourages team work and co-operation.

► It stimulates imagination and visualisation.

► It encourages an assimilation of a range of pronunciation features, e.g. tone, pitch, stress, intonation, articulation and pace.

► It develops appreciation and understanding of the culture and codes of behaviour in the target language.

All in all, it is fun to learn!


Number of students: 20-40 per class

Language used: English and/or Cantonese




English Drama Performance Training Programme

English Drama Performance Training Programme is specially designed for teaching students how to produce and conduct a play on stage in English. Students are going to learn how to create a story and write the script, how to act, and the backstage skill. They will practice their English through the process of production.

This programme is also suitable for schools that enter the competition of Hong Kong School Drama Festival and the lesson plan may be varied according to the play and the process of the rehearsal.

Beginning with some easy activities such as association, telling life story, story circle, improvisation games, students adapt skills of storytelling and communication in English. They gain confidence in expressing themselves. Students can watch and enjoy their own stories, arousing their interest in learning English.

Anticipated Results:

» Be confident to express oneself in front of others

» Adapt skills of communication

» Think, speak and listen in English

» Learn how to create a story

» Have fun in learning English

» Work together as a team

» Learn how to produce a play


Each lesson is conducted by two instructors at the same time.

Duration of the programme can be varied; it can also be tailor-made according to the need of the school.

A performance of 15-30 minute will be assumed upon the completion of the programme.


Number of students: 8-30 per class

Language used: English




Schools participated in the Interactive English Theatre 2005-2013:

C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College, YCH Lim Por Yen Secondary School, New Asia Middle School, Tung Chung Catholic School, GCC & ITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School, CMA Secondary School, CCC Fong Yun Wah Primary School, Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School, HK & Kln Chiu Chow Public Association Ma Chung Sum Secondary School, S.K.H. Lam Kau Mow Secondary School, S.K.H. Yuen Chen Maun Chen Primary School, Lee Kau Yan Memorial School, Shek Lei Catholic Primary School, YL Long Ping Estate Tung Koon Primary School, Jordan Road Government Primary School,  Rosaryhill School (Primary Section), Fanling Public School, HK Student Aid Society Primary School, Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School, TWGHs Chow Yin Sum Primary School, Asbury Methodist Primary School, SKH All Saints' Primary School, TWGHs Li Chi Ho Primary School, Ho Shun Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen), Sharon Lutheran School (PM), Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School, CCC Chuen Yuen College, Ching Chung Secondary School, The Salvation Army William Booth Secondary School




We also tailor-made school tour, workshop for individual group, please contact Miss Chan, Education Manager for details of our workshop, Tel: 2407- 4861 or 9071- 6684.

Target – high school and elementary school students, university students, youth, kids, special ability people, teachers and social workers.

Performance – Interactive Improvisation Theatre

Workshop – Creative Thinking Workshop, Cooling Conflicts Workshop, THEATRESPORTS Workshop, Forum Theatre Workshop.

Other workshops include Playback Theatre, Action Theater, etc.