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We have the chance to work with both primary and secondary school students, who have very great experience during our performance or workshop, for the past two years; thus we are happy to introduce our Interactive English Theatre ¡V
¡§Class-Based Interactive English Theatre¡¨ and ¡§English Drama Performance Training Programme¡¨.

Drama is a combination of arts, education and therapy. Drama is also a good media for learning language. It makes the process of learning fun and easy.

Story development skills are also cultivated, enabling students to explore ideas to their fullest extent. They do not have to rely on "natural talent", but instead employ the improvisation techniques we taught allows them to tell a good story.

Many students of our workshops report experiencing increased self-esteem, reduced stress, creative freedom and productivity, increased job satisfaction, and an overall greater enjoyment of life.



Moni Wong, an improvisation performer and workshop facilitator, is a member of Champion Arts Association and Clash Theatre. She has bachelor and master degree in Social Work, and has participated in various improvisation performances and teaching, including performances in Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Macau. She was also invited to participate in International TheatresportsTM Institute Conference 2003 (Edmonton). She has lots of experience in organizing workshops and performances for primary & secondary schools, universities, NGOs and theatre groups.

Shirley Chan, an improviser and theatre educator, is the education officer of Champion Arts Association. She has a Master in Education, Certificate in East/West Theatre and has been teaching English and drama since 1994. She practiced drama with many famous dramatists, including Tim Wheeler, Robert Landy, Keith Johnstone, Ruth Zaporah, James King, and Johnathan Fox, etc. She was invited to participate in International Theatresports™ Institute Conference 2003 (Edmonton). Moreover, she has been acting as the workshop facilitator and drama director of many schools, getting lots of awards in the Drama Festival.

Jacky Wong graduated from the School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2000, BFA, major in Acting. He worked in the Arts Education Section, CDI, EMB and coordinated the project for developing junior secondary drama education for nearly three years. Now, he is a member of Champion Arts Association, freelance actor, writer and drama tutor.